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"Hands Up or Hands On" Cooking Workshops

6Th & 7Th AUGUST, 2016: Take a Walk to Cook the Talk! That's how we felt when we launched this series of "Hands Up or Hands On" adventure cooking out in the nature. KINO has frequently featured homemakers their speciality dishes and passion to preserve our culinary heritage. It was time to put words to action; not just "read all about it" but "eat all about it" so to speak! So here we were, the KINO team, smacking mosquitoes and fanning fire in preparation for a back-to-back cooking workshop session on the 6th and 7th of August. Ayam Pansuh, Wild Rice cooked over open fire, Midin Salad from the jungle accompanied by Sambals prepared 2 ways and a sago dessert to top it off. Was it a success? You bet. Some found it hard (labour?), others (like myself) couldn't get up after sitting on the floor preparing/eating the 5 course meal! It proved challenging but a must for experience and knowledge especially in this era of high technology in our modern kitchens. Convenience has its place in our daily lives for sure, but when top-of-the-line electric blenders replace our traditional stone mortar & pestle, sometimes leaving us clueless in preparing the simplest of dishes because there's no 'start' button to push, the time is right, perhaps, to get back to our cultural culinary basics. CoMING UP NEXT: out-in-the Nature Cooking Workshop ThEME: By the River & the Sea. CoNTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 A Rumble in the Jungle...Ayam Pansuh and Dayak Wild Rice


Chop chop, grind and sprinkle...

Listening to Chef Alan Leong before pounding the mortar...

Kachangma & Mee Suah

22ND & 27Th AUGUST, 2016: 'Hungry for Culture' participants came to learn, cook, taste and tapao (takeaway) their new culinary knowledge. Two "aunties", confirmed confinement food experts, helped KINO give birth (pun intended) to this series of confinement foods of Sarawak.For 'Aunty' Lina Leong, who grows her own kachangma plants to be dried and bottled, cooking the Hakka Kachangma is a must for confinement. A definite plus for her daughter Julie, who has never cooked any confinement food before simply because "Mom cooks it". A perfect participant!'Aunty' Ivy Ngui starts out with a very big smile saying "I don't really like cooking..." but thanks to her animated explainations and demonstrations, participants whipped out the famous Foochow Mee Suah and Chicken Ang Chow. Follow the 'aunty power' leaders is the name of the game here!

COMING UP NEXT: : Confinement Food Series - The Nyonya/hokkien version

CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                               'Aunty Chef'  Lina Leong perfects  her Hakka Kachangma while daughter  watches closely

The Kachangma "Hungry-for-Culture "group"

 The Mee Suah & Ang Chow  "Hungry-for-Culture "group"

 'Aunty Chef'  Ivy Ngui explains  the ingredients  for the Foochow  Mee Suah &  Ang Chow Chicken

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