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Thank you for making it work!

QUIET IS NOT EXACTLY ONE OF MY ATTRIBUTES, but even though I am feeling on top of the world, I am a bit reserved perhaps (not really) to scream at the top of my lungs... KINO IS FIVE YEARS OLD!!

When it was launched in March 2013, I was all gung ho and, as the proverbial expression, says 'bright eyed and bushy tailed', ready to make this independent magazine about cultural, food and heritage; something everyone would want to read and collect for reference. And folks, I have news for you: KINO is collected and used for various references and I'm still all gung ho, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and even louder than ever about documenting our culture.

It has been an astounding 5 years to say the very least. Often difficult and challenging especially at new junctions along the way, but the vision being so crystal clear, all frustrations simply had to be overcome..

This issue is an anniversary edition. To have thought that it would be a cinch to do a compilation of 5 years of KINO was foolhardy. How does one choose and condense all the incredible articles from 30 issues into one single issue albeit 64 pages?

But try we did, and we came up with 5 categories encompassing, as much as we could, all the different aspects of what KINO had represented the best in.

Culture & Heritage (pg. 14-25), Nature (pg. 26-29), Endangered Trades (pg.30-33), Profiles (pg. 34-37), and Traditional Food (pg. 38-43).

The team with the dream. To say that I couldn't do without Karen Shepherd (far right), to say that I depend on Jean Voon (2nd from left), to say that I lucked out when Shannon Wei (far left) rang me up
saying she had just graduated from Australia in journalism and was in town are all true but
understatements. Karen can turn a Chinese instruction booklet into a bestselling thriller, Jean can read your mind about design and Shannon gets a huge thumbs up from Karen (now that's really huge). I, (between Karen and Jean) am in good hands! Thank you 'guys'!

Thank you for the support for all these 5 years. It adds delight to our passion of preserving culture, food and heritage.



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KUCHING IN & OUT magazine has been birthed out of the desire of Kuching residents to explore and discover more about all the unique places, activities and resources in this region that make Kuching such a special place to live.

We are the people of Kuching, and we are proud of our diversity of cultures! We are embarking on a journey of rediscovering the charm of our cultures, traditions and flavours, revealing Kuching’s refreshing vibrancy. We are excited about creating a voice for the local individual. As a connector between all our rich and different communities, More About Us


Marian Chin Editor-in-Chief
Karen Shepherd Copy Editing
Jean Voon
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