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EATOUT with Sponsors of our Culinary Heritage

Sarawak has long been a melting pot of cultures, but in culinary terms, that pot has recently been stirred by a reawakening in the F&B business. Fresh flavours are being imported, old traditions revived, and new combinations tested to create a new culinary landscape for Kuching. We are a hybrid nation, happy to appropriate from around us and welcoming to any new faces who long to make Sarawak their home, whether that has been a Rajah, a tea grower or a spice trader, and this has long affected our food. Perhaps it is this very array of choice that has made food a national obsession, from the Nyonya blending of flavours to Dayak jungle fare. Somehow though, we Sarawakians always manage to make it our own. The food heritage of our past still stands strong, from hawker scene to high-end hotel, but new faces are bringing it forward into the future. So we at KINO, confirmed foodies all (isn’t everyone in Kuching?), are paying tribute to some of the bright new stars as well as the firm favourites in our Sarawak skies.



Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg 

082-270 808 RistoranteBeccari/

Beccari is a pioneer in every way – the original exploration in Italian food in Kuching. Named for the famous naturalist, this was the first restaurant to introduce pizza, pasta and all things Mediterranean to a Kuching crowd, bringing in a chef all the way from the Mamma land. It has stood the test of time and now their chef, trained by the self-same Italian original, is putting out a fresh new menu to complement the forthcoming redesign. This is Beccari’s for a new generation - more casual, more affordable but same great taste in a familiar place. So now, there is no need to wait for that special occasion. Get down to Beccari’s for an Italian adventure. (Daily: 12pm-2.30pm, 6pm-11pm)



Dry Aged Beef

 Classic Fajitas

Big Boy Steak

     AlleyCAT Cafe

Lot 145-146, Section 51 KTLD, Off Jalan Song Thian Cheok, 93100 Kuching

082-412 CAT Nothingsuck.likeTheAlleyCATcafe

In a hidden alley in the Cat city sits the AlleyCAT café, serving the best Tex-mex fare in Kuching for all the hippest cats in town. Amidst funky, fun décor – cat-themed, of course – this venue is perfect for celebrations and group get-togethers, where presentation and flavours are endlessly innovated and the personalised service always comes with a smile. Try the  tenderest  dry-aged  beef,  prepared  in-house,  sticky  buffalo  wings or sizzling fajitas – all Tex-mex favourites – washed down with a classic sparkling  Mojito  or  mocktail  of  your  choice!  It’ll  make  you  purr  with delight! (Daily: 11am-12am)









80 Ewe Hai Street, 93000 Kuching

013-882 0113 peridot.kuching/

A precious gem at the old heart of Kuching, Peridot is at the head of the new wave of invention that seems to be sweeping the city, bringing the best of international cuisine to Kuching’s oldest quarter. Peridot takes classic ingredients and techniques and creates a menu that appeals in the most modern way – fresh, innovative and always satisfying. Ideal for an intimate gathering or an elegant dinner à deux, Peridot is connecting quintessential Kuching to the gastronomy of the world beyond. Australian trained but Sarawak bred, Peridot’s chef and owner seeks to stay one step ahead; though this is not mere fashion, this is real food. (Tues-Sun: 6pm-10pm)




                Ipoh Curry Fish Head

No. 45, Lot 2561, Industrial Shop,Batu 3, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce

012-887 3871

Ipoh Curry Fish Head is a Kuching institution. Serving bubbling claypots of curry to the public for 23 years, this place has grown from hawker stall into established kopitiam with a range of other delicacies on the menu – try the fried pork or the Penang lobak for a crispy treat. But the fish head curry, as the name suggests, is the star! With a recipe learned from a masterchef in Taman Ipoh and perfected over two decades, this family business opens for just three hours a day, such is the pulling power of this home-cooked specialty. No frills, no fuss, just fish head! (Mon-Sat: 6-9pm)




            Queen Bee Food Paradise

Lot 2723, Block 10, Lorong Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 6 (Next to McDonald's)

082-413 551/016-8324319 queenbeefoodparadise/

Queen Bee Food Paradise has taken a once neglected area and turned it into a hive of activity! This new complex has Memoire Hornbill Hotel, an already established Cambodian restaurant (GWC), Seafood Restaurant, and now a food court where Sarawak’s favourite range of food is on sale in an innovatively designed open air space. Take yourself from simple snack to dessert – gula apong ice cream now on sale alongside everything from dim sum to main meals – under the Kuching sky. Already a popular location, Queen Bee Food Paradise boasts of the biggest projector screen to watch your favourite live sports game with the cheapest beers in town. This place is attracting Kuchingites like bees to honey! (24/7)






Ground floor, Lot 3081, Jalan Rock

016-713 2991 Oishi-居酒屋-309403852557943/

Oishi is different! Delicious, in translation, it maintains the key elements of Japanese cuisine – perfect presentation and maximum freshness – repackaged for the everyday Kuching diner to redefine raw and refined into affordable and accessible. A favourite among local residents who keep on returning time after time, their loyal patronage has seen the place grow from humble beginnings into a space double the size, filled with a bold and contemporary take on Japanese culture. Whether you want a simple sashimi salad, a hearty bowl of teriyaki chicken or intriguing paper hot pot and the most matcha of ice creams, our veteran sushi chef can roll it up, lay it out and serve it up for your pleasure. Oishi! (Daily: 11am-2.30pm, 5pm-10pm)







                Razzmatazz Bistro & Pub

Jalan Canna (behind GIANT Stutong) ground floor

016-889 0600 Razzmatazz-Bistro-Pub-Lounge

Razzmatazz are ringing in the year of the rooster with a special Chinese New Year take away menu so you can enjoy the seasonal round of eating without the added burden of cooking. But our chef remains true to himself, whatever the region or the season – 100% Western, no fusion! If you are craving something other than Chinese, order up a spectacular roast – lamb, chicken or crispy pork belly – or even a Black Forest Ham, ready to eat! For a final touch, the award-winning pastry chef is preparing an apple strudel – that favourite German pastry concoction which the faint-hearted wouldn’t dare to make at home!


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