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Putting Kuching on the global map

IN THIS TROPICAL CITY Of OVER 600,000 PEOPLE, there's no doubt almost everyone is connected to each other; we are a city of overlapping social circles. Walk into your local coffee shop and you might spot some familiar faces, maybe exchange a few "his" and "byes". Many might also be familiar with Kuching's wide, local variety of shops and businesses, be they big or small – perhaps some you've grown up with, or have been the new buzz or hearsay from your local 'aunty' or 'uncle'.

With nearly 16,000 businesses located in Kuching, it's hard for one to know the location of a shop you are not familiar with, or have never been to. After all, word of mouth alone isn't enough to secure your understanding of a location. The month of December 2015 saw Aceolution Sdn. Bhd., an IT & Media company from Singapore start a month-long project of data collection of all addresses in Kuching.

"AN Opportunity TO SHOW Your CITY TO THE WORLD “from Penang island to Ipoh down to our neighboring state Sabah, this data collection project gathered a young team of nearly 40 “walkers" to set forth on this temporary project. They literally walked the city searching to put business owners and landmarks to put Kuching on the map. By first marking a store's location with a Smartphone, each walker collects basic contact details including the store's phone number, address, website and operating hours after consent is given by the owner. They scatter across various areas from low to high density, carefully planning their starting routes to fulfill their weekly target of businesses. Stretching to locations as far as 10th mile and Kota Samarahan, businesses have been reviewed to improve the online quality of existing business information, correct inaccurate listings and create new listings in a smooth and secure manner. No rain, thunderstorm, or chasing strays could halt this team from walking the grounds of Kuching and keeping the city on track for the online generation.

“Working with the people of Kuching was a great experience. I was truly inspired with the dedication and commitment shown by the young people of Kuching. This experience will stay in our hearts forever.”


“Kuching was our final stop in 2015. We worked in most of the states of Malaysia and the experience in Kuching was very different from the other places. We were taken aback by the commitment shown by the Kuching people.”


Ranging from your favourite "kopitiam" to Chinese convenience stores or your dearest barber shop, anyone is now able to locate or contact most retail businesses in Kuching digitally – be they big, small, near or far.

An 18-year-old journalism student in Australia, Shannon deems Kuching as her home and returns during semester breaks, experiencing the best of both worlds. As the youngest of the walkers, she has met many of Kuching's community after hopping from shop to shop. Switching from areas like Tabuan Jaya to Green Road and Kota Samarahan, she has gained a wider perspective of Kuching's business operations working environment, and can read maps much more clearly now.

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