A few months ago, while writing text panels for a local exhibition, I asked a friend to give them a quick once-over. He came back with something unexpected… Read More

When the first issue of the Sarawak Gazette appeared on 26 August 1870, it consisted of a three-page summary of a Reuters telegram’s coverage of the Franco-Prussian war. It also laid down its twofold mission… Read More

There is a certain expectation given when one reads the blurb at the back of a book. It is supposed to tickle your curiosity. Using the span of words normally reserved for a Twitter post… Read More

Tourism is something which most Sara-wakians have grown up with. We can reel off the tip of our tongues without a second thought a laundry list of the many unique local events… Read More

Prior to the industrial revolution in Europe, it is estimated that there were some 6 trillion trees on the planet. In a relative blink of an eye, we have reduced this to 3 trillion… Read More

Grandma was a pianist. Born in the 1890s, she was of high society and was privileged enough to have studied music in Singapore. My working-class parents, believing that their daughter should know music… Read More

Slightly sweet and spongy yet crunchy, the sugarcane flower or locally known as trubuk/telur tebu (sugarcane egg/immature inflorescence) is delectable eaten raw. As robust and well… Read More


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