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“Kuching Bookshelves”… ’tis the season to be jolly!

‘API – THE TIGER OF KANOWIT’ is a book presenting the memoirs of the late SAC Dato Lawrence Lim Eng Liong, launched by the by Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg at Hilton Hotel, Kuching on Ist November 2017. The book was published by Mr Richard Song Swee Jin, the Managing Director of Trac- Wheels (M) Sdn. Bhd., a good friend of SAC Dato Lawrence Lim Eng Liong.

‘Api’ was the nickname of Dato Lawrence Lim, given by one lban Attendant, Aya Lunang, who adopted him when he was young. ‘Api’, as the name suggests, denotes the ‘dynamic and fiery’ character of Dato Lawrence Lim. He started his career as a Police Constable (1963) and gradually rose up through rank and file and was eventually promoted to Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, the Head of Special Branch, Sarawak in 1988.

The book chronicles his life from his childhood days through the highlights of his tough role in keeping the peace, ending with the activities of the clandestine Communist organization in Sarawak within the span of three decades from 1960s to 1980s, culminating with the signing of the Peace Agreement with the final batch of 52 communist terrorists on 17th October, 1990.

In the book, Lim penned his experiences of what happened during the Communist era and how it was successfully ended in great detail. He recalls how his comrades and the security personnel bravely endured and fought the communist terrorists in Sarawak. Former Simanggang assemblyman and ex- Temenggong, Michael Pilo’s involvement in the struggle against communist insurgents is also mentioned in the book.

Lim also describes the fragments of the landscape of Sarawak’s heterogeneous society in the book. His own family life was a real picture of the spirit of harmonious tolerance which is embedded in our culture even till today. He grew up in Rantau Dilang, a village above Kanowit town, and was well known among the lban community. He acquired his proficiency in the Iban and Malay languages when young.

This book is indeed a good read for a peek into fragments of the history, a little political development as well as the culture and progress Sarawak experienced from the 20th Century until the early 2l’t Century. It shows the historical movement of Sarawak and adds valuable information for future generations.

The Chief Minister said that the book is historic in nature while at the same time it describes the sacrifices made by one of the sons of Sarawak in defending the peace of Sarawak.

The book is Trac-Wheels’ second publication after the first one entitled ‘The Legacy of Song Kheng Hai’. The family members of the late Lim wish to express their gratitude to Mr Richard Song for publishing their father’s memoirs and also to Mr James Ritchie for helping to arrange and rewrite part of Lim’s texts, including supplying 90% of the photographs. The proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to ‘Persatuan Bekas Polis Negeri Sarawak’ and ‘Persatuan Veteran Tentera Malaysia Negeri Sarawak’.

The Lim family, Robert, Patricia, Juliana and Philomena specially thank their late mother Helen Lam who like their father, raised them to be “Apis” in their lives.

For those who are interested to purchase the book, kindly contact the following: KUCHING Mr Ben Joseph Au (017-8511088) Mr William Chan (017-8091588)SIBUMs Sally Tie (017-8541088)Mr Frankie Wong (014-6837856) BINTULUMr lrwin Bilun (017-8231088) Ms Elizabeth Wat (012-8131088)MIRIMs Susana Labo (012-8051588)Mr Wong Yu Boon (017-8641088)



Borneo’s rich heritage of indigenous winemaking, whether the resulting brew is known as tuak, lihing, tapai or burak, is experiencing a cultural renaissance. This collection of over a hundred cocktails concocted from traditional rice wine includes narratives that offer a unique glimpse into the culture and heritage of Borneo. The idiosyncratic personalities, fascinating anecdotes, remarkable creatures, exotic landmarks and locations described help to illustrate the history and romance associated with the magical island of Borneo. Nominated for “Best in the World” by World Gourmand Awards

Author: Datin Nikki Lugun

Point of Sales: Datin Nikki Lugun

Tel: 0198160663

Price: RM50



The remote settlement of Bario, in the Kelabit Highlands, comes alive each year in July with a magnificent showcase of its unique cultural and culinary heritage – Pesta Nukunen. The Bario Food and Cultural Festival, as it is otherwise known, takes place amidst one of the richest tropical ecosystems on the planet – right smack in the heart of Borneo. It is hosted by the Kelabit, a dynamic and resourceful ethnic group once known for their headhunting, who have lived in these Highlands since time immemorial and whose cuisine, culture and way of life all celebrate the wealth of the rainforest. This book is both an introduction and a tribute to Pesta Nukunen and the people and environment that created it.

“Best in the World”

by World Gourmand Awards

Author: Datin Nikki Lugun

Point of Sales: Rurum Kelabit

Sarawak Tel: 0198886050

Roland Terawe

Price: RM60



The Sarawak Eurasian Association (SEA) Legacy Cookbook is not just a cookbook with recipes but a book that showcases the diversity of the Eurasian history in Sarawak and the individual family stories. Many of these recipes are family ‘heirlooms’. They have been handed down through the years, adapted to each family’s taste, and ‘localised’ with ingredients that are more readily available in Sarawak. Some well loved “Recipes of the Land” include mouthwatering delights such as Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee and Terung Assam. This book is a collection of stories and family favourite recipes and the memories they evoke of bygone times and family gatherings.

“Best Local Cuisine Book in the World” for 2011 during the XVII Gourmand Awards in Paris in March 2012

Point of Sales: MPH Bookstores, The Museum Café on Main Bazaar and Perkata Shop on Jln Ong Tiang Swee

Tel: 0198160663

Published by: Fay Khoo of Rhino Press in 2011 – 304 pages

Price: RM98.00





Author: Gracie Geikie & Lah Wan Yee

Point of Sales: http://www.placeborneo.com and The Museum Café

Price: RM160.00 / 2017 / 154 pages




They say that music transcends all boundaries. Sarawak stands proud to play a part in promoting world culture and heritage through music. This book captures the essence of Sarawak’s journey of 20 years with the Rainforest World Music Festival, started from humble beginnings to become one of the world’s top renowned world music festivals today. A collection of experiences and anecdotes over the years continue this legacy for future generations.

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