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“Driving community awareness on the topic of health is not a one-time effort, and definitely not a solo one. With a group of dedicated individuals who put in time, resources, and expertise to work together for the community, I believe we can achieve a lot and reach many who may otherwise be uninformed” – CARE Team Manager Mr Voon Boon Chieng, a Maths and Chemistry teacher.

The CARE (Caring, Awareness, Responsibility / Relationship and Effort) team objectives:

1. To reach out to schools and local community.

2. To promote health awareness by having games, talks and other related activities among school children and families.

3. To live the healthy life by providing free health screening and nutrition consultation for public.

4. To strengthen the relationship between family members.

The CARE Team… pointing to the right direction of health awareness

Kuching Community Events is also about fun performances seen here at Chung Hua No. 6

Event successful and objectives achieved, held in SMK Sg. Maong School

As the CARE team solidified their objectives, Kuching Community Events was born. Under KCE, the CARE team organises workshops, events, health screenings, friendly competitions and more, all with the core objective of bringing health awarenes to the public. Working mainly with schools and using their premises as a venue, KCE has already succeeded in several events. KCE will be officially launched on the 14th of August, 2016 (Sunday) from 7am to 2pm at SRB Chung Hua No.6.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is encouraged, whether in a big or small way, that is why CARE was formed – CARE Team Coordinator Mr. Ling Tze Kong.

Achieving the objectives is made possible with many other professional participants helping out on a non-profit basis. An example is June Ong.

“Helping others through our expertise in eye care is a consistent reminder of the importance of health check ups for early detection. Many individuals are unaware of any health challenges they may face, so through these events free consultation and examination are offered”. June Ong, a Qualified Optician with 16 years of experience.

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