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21st – 29th of May, 2015: 9 days of KINO Events but months and months of preparation and coordination between different parties from different countries.



The Master Royal Icing Artist David MacCarfrae’s intensive workshops were with full attendance all 5 days. The Cake Icing competition showed remarkable local talents. 1st to 3rd prizes went to: Tan Hui Chin, Nicholas Chai and Sui Ee Chin respectively.
The Royal Gala diners were greeted with the extraordinary 60 piece orchestra “The Sainsku Winds”. The exceptional live band “Sumthin’ Like Dat” kept the evening on the move and groove under the music direction of Petrus Kallang who together with Alex Chai sang as well. 3 surprise vocalists, Liz George for jazz,  A.Ling for Ballads and Folk and Alan Lau for Opera gave diners a wonderful evening of entertainment. The biggest surprise came from David MacCarfrae who played on the keyboard and painted with royal icing to the mesmerising sound of flutist Niko Coyet.
Thank you to the donor who bid and bought David’s painting for a very generous sum. This amount goes towards the cause.
A very special thanks in gratitude to artists Raphael Scott Abeng and Michael Lim for the donations of 2 paintings that continue to be auctioned. Paintings will be shown in the next issue and on
Thank you to Alex Chai, Rafal Lulko, Jean Voon, Magdalene Crocker, Alester Leong and Desmond Ong for their total support. To ‘My City Landscape Sdn Bhd’ for the 12 beautiful trees and to Sharon Hiew who patiently worked with us on the decorations. Last but not least, to Alex Ling for the sponsorship of the videography during the entire evening.



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