There is a streak of green, across the hills west of the river. Younger trees among a forest of old and ancient foliage; the one that his father saw as a young boy … Read more

Consuming food in public that is ready to eat, often hot, and always prepared by another, has a long and varied history in the west. Inevitably, some of the earliest eating places … Read more

A full belly is often equated with happiness and contentment. In most Asian cultures, many hosts would take it quite personally if a guest were to leave with an empty stomach … Read More

In the autumn of 1940, barely a month after the victorious Nazis goose-stepped their way down the Champs-Élysées before the ashen-faced French, a group of teenaged boys in southwestern France … Read More

First, a geography lesson. Rivers go through three stages in development – youthful, mature and old age – each stage showing differences in size, speed and behaviour… Read More

Since time immemorial, different methods of preserving food have existed. The most traditional and natural methods are sun-drying, salting, smoking, pickling and fermenting… Read More

Among the most outstanding buildings which have been made in Sarawak, the burial poles have no direct parallels elsewhere in Borneo. Their importance is such that… Read more

Longhouse life has been a long-term choice of Sarawak’s rural communities. These singular structures, housing anywhere up to several hundred families, have made Sarawak special yet … Read more


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