URBAN SKETCHERS KUCHING (USk), founded by 3 architects back in 2010, is one of 280 Urban Sketchers chapters of sketchers worldwide. They were formed to record the disappearing markets that lined the Kuching old waterfront.

THE SARAWAK RIVER HAS PLAYED a central role in the history of Sarawak (whose name is derived from the river), and its capital, Kuching. One of the most well-known events in the history of the state occurred on the banks of the Sarawak River - the arrival of James Brooke,

NOT LONG AGO,BICYCLING IN SARAWAK was a means of transportation. In recent, years “pedal power” has become a popular leisure-time sport with a growing segment of Sarawakians, both the young and not so young.

HIS SMALL OBLONG FRUIT USED to be a staple in many local kitchens for sambals, prawn lemak and fish curry, as well as a tamarind substitute and meat tenderiser. In Malay, it is known as Belimbi Buluh (Averrhoa bilimbi), which literally meaning ‘Bamboo Starfruit.’

FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, the Sarawak Malay people of Telok Melano have relied on the sea for their connection with the rest of Sarawak. There was no road link to/from the rest of Sarawak, and the only transport to the area was by boat from Sematan.

SARAWAK'S FIRST POST OFFICE WAS ESTABLISHED was established shortly after Sir James Brooke was proclaimed and installed as the First Rajah, but he never got to see his face on her stamps. By the time Sarawak had her first stamp issued 1 March 1869, James had already passed away in England and his nephew Sir Charles Brooke was the current Rajah.

THE SARAWAK LIBERICA ENDURED A BAD RAP for a long time, bearing the burden of the misunderstood step-child in a roster shared with the more popular Canephora (Robusta) and Arabica.

MENTION "DAYAK" TO ANYONE OUTSIDE SARAWAK, and inevitably the subject of headhunting will emerge like a bad penny. A cursory keyword search on the internet will quickly affirm that Dayaks are known worldwide for their history as fierce headhunters.


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