There is a streak of green, across the hills west of the river. Younger trees among a forest of old and ancient foliage; the one that his father saw as a young boy … Read more

First, a geography lesson. Rivers go through three stages in development – youthful, mature and old age – each stage showing differences in size, speed and behaviour… Read More

Longhouse life has been a long-term choice of Sarawak’s rural communities. These singular structures, housing anywhere up to several hundred families, have made Sarawak special yet … Read more

Next time you cross a river by Sampan, or photograph one crossing to / from one of the many Pangkalang Sampan that dot the north and south banks of the river, spare a thought for the master wooden boat builders… Read More

The shaman goes by many names in Sarawak – Manang, Dukun, Bomoh, Sin. Every linguistic group gives them their own title, a reflection of their centrality in these traditional cultures … Read More

THE VOICE OF MY GRANDFATHER Ribuh Long (his name means "The confluence of a thousand rivers"), still rings clear in my ears: “Rivers flow downriver from their origin upriver; their flow can never be reversed from the rivers’ mouth where they end.

LIKE THE ICONIC STONES clustered on the grassy plains of far-away England, Karangan’s huge megalithicrocks are unique in the Sarawak landscape. These bare rock pinnacles protrude 20 meters above a 200 meter high, forested ridge between Bako National Park and mouth of the Sarawak River at Muara Tebas.

DO YOU KNOW YOUR ROOTS? Cultivated in your backyard or gallivanting wild in the jungles, roots are usually hidden underneath the ground. They lack the glory given to leaves and flowers often paraded for their beauty.


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