The tongue-in-cheek design shows an orang utan is at his own habitat, that is being harmed by us humans. With all the pollutions, deforestation and bad waste management – yet the orang utan is doing the favor for us with recycling the plastic bottle. We should be more accountable with our actions, respect our environment.

THIS YEAR, the Rainforest World Music Festival will be featuring #UrBins (Urban + Bins) a series of attractive and practical recycling bins designed by a group of local artists.

The #Urbins project aims to use the attractive and eye-catching designs to draw attention to the festival’s recycling bins, using it as a means to fight the stigma society has towards its own waste. This will encourage them to address the problems surrounding trash, to actively participate in segregating their trash and recycling it. It also aims to add beauty, creativity and soul to something practical and integral in daily life. #Urbins also focuses on the participation of the local communities in carrying out this project.

Most importantly, #UrBins project hopes to inspire the active local communities after the festival. They will never see rubbish and recycling bins the same way again, they might initiate a smaller scale #UrBins project of their own in their own neighborhoods, schools and offices – spreading sustainable yet organic awareness on recycling.

These designs are in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 11, which is to “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. This project is organised by SPATIVATE, a social enterprise that activates soulless public spaces through creative placemaking strategies, with the support of the Sarawak Tourism Board.

VOTING – Hashtag #UrBins, #RWMF2019 #BinsPlease and #MoreSarawak. 15 UrBinists (2 designs each) will be selected by a group of professional juries, and their two designs will be presented to the public to vote through Facebook. The winning designs will go onto the bins. Once the design has been chosen, the UrBinists will be given new bins with RM300 seed funding to finish their project, and the final bins will be placed around the Festival grounds for use. The public vote will start on 27th May to 9th June.

RWMF as an Environmentally Sustainable and Responsible Event– The Sarawak Tourism Board is dedicated in making the Rainforest World Music Festival as sustainable and responsible as possible, taking steps in reducing and reusing the waste that inevitably gets generated during an event. – Aside from the usual recycling bins and composting bins around the festival grounds, food and drink vendors will also be using biodegradable or recyclable materials, and water dispensers will be available throughout the festival this year. Festival goers are encouraged to bring their empty bottles when they attend the festival. Collapsible cups will also be on sale at the venue.- The Festival will have a total of 36 recycling and composting bins around the grounds, including the #urbins.

This project is organised by SPATIVATE, a social enterprise that activates soulless public spaces through creative place-making strategies.

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