Who Are We?

KUCHING IN & OUT magazine has been birthed out of the desire of Kuching residents to explore and discover more about all the unique places, activities and resources in this region that make Kuching such a special place to live.

We are the people of Kuching, and we are proud of our diversity of cultures!  We are embarking on a journey of rediscovering the charm of our cultures, traditions and flavours, revealing Kuching’s refreshing vibrancy. We are excited about creating a voice for the local individual.  As a connector between all our rich and different communities.

Kuching In & Out is bringing together the old and the new, the forgotten and the current.  We are facilitating interaction between local and ‘glocal’ views. In fact, we are becoming a catalyst in providing a new platform of expression from which our readership can learn new things, embark on new adventures, extend a helping hand, and share their own experiences.

Kuching In & Out unveils the best of Kuching and the uniqueness of all its communities. On each page, we showcase new happenings in and out of town; what to do, where to go, as well as new products and services available right here in Kuching.

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