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10 Days Spectacle

A 10-day spectacle in the heart of Kuching

The inaugural Rainforest Fringe Festival (RFF) is a 10-day spectacle of the best that Sarawak has to offer in terms of art, craft, music, fashion, food, film and photography. Located in the heart of Kuching, these events will bring attention to Sarawak’s rich indigenous arts and culture, giving festival attendees a true sense of the beauty and energy of the land and its people. A prelude to the Rainforest World Music Festival, RFF aims to reposition Sarawak as more than an adventure destination, but a cultural one abundant with diverse potential.

Tickets to the Rainforest World Music Festival are available at rwmf.net. You may also purchase tickets at RFF on the 8th and 9th of July 2017 and stand a chance at winning prizes. (please refer to ‘Fringe Benefits’)

For more, visit: http://rainforestfringe.com/

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