APPETIZERS: Kampong Egg/Ciabatta

-63 deg C-kampong egg, engkabang

oil drizzle, french truffle shavings and

crushed pink pepper corns.

Artisan ciabatta slice.

Laksa Deconstruct

-laksa flavored rice cakes, flowered

lobster and crab roulade, bean

sprouts and baby coriander.


Grilled Foie Steak

-grilled steak, duck foie gras,

balsamic glazed peppers and

cherry tomato.


SOUP:Juice of Kampong Birds

-concentrated essence of kampong

chickens, fresh water prawn tofu, pan seared scallop,

chlorophyll intense cangkok manis greens.


1st MAIN COURSE:Rice ‘N’ Beets

-Kampong Tapah beetroots – risotto

(Rice from Empire Rice Mill – Bako), fresh curd of Susu Kambing

Abu Samah, Kambing Kacang goat’s milk and Samarahan midin shoots.



Looks Like Fish, Tastes Like Chicken

-Santubong deep sea farmed

Tiger-dragon grouper, Fire roasted Kampong Tapah eggplant,

smoked Kuching Serian sweet potato, local chicken juices.



Salt ‘N’ Pepa Coconut

-Salted gula apong coconut crème,

Sarawak peppercorn & burnt Samarahan pineapple ice cream.

GONE BAMBOO, A CHARITY DINNER, a unique fine-dining experience, emphasizes local produce and its culinary potential, inspired by 3 chefs from unconventional backgrounds.

Proceeds, in their entirety go to: HOPE PLACE, a charitable organization that helps the less fortunate in the community e.g the disabled  (OKU), impoverished low income families and single parents.


TIMOTHY TING… accidental chef

He resigned as a Senior Manager of a public listed company with 15 years general trading experience and left to Taiwan for some intensive courses on construction and real estate management in 1991. In Taichung City, he accidentally salvaged a failed 2-month-old restaurant venture. From there, this new dimension in food business was no holds barred. Passion for cooking and perseverance as a restaurateur are essential F&B elements that have driven him on for last 25 years.

HAMISH WATTS… sometimes chef At the tender age of 15 years old, he entered the culinary profession serving as an apprentice Chef in Brisbane, Australia, immediately followed by a sojourn in the UK under Michelin starred chefs. He returned to Australia to work in several highly regarded restaurants prior to joining Hilton Melbourne Airport as the youngest Executive Chef in Hilton Asia Pacific at 27. After 18 years in the culinary profession, he stepped out of the kitchen into the current role of General Manager Hilton.


DR KHO… unlikely chef

His passion for cookery was ignited out of necessity, a desire for something more palatable than British food when, as a student, he was too poor to eat out and encouraged to venture into the kitchen. His self-taught culinary journey has been an immensely rewarding experience. The creative aspect, the skills in execution, the artistry in display are all addictive, fueling curiosity and an endless quest for perfection, in a dish. Molecular gastronomy elevates culinary art to a new level; scientific knowledge of and its application to food ensures an end-result that is both certain and reproducible. Guess work is obsolete. Being a medic, a surgeon, he is an unlikely chef… where do you see a commonality?

Date : 27 November 2016

Time : 7pm

Venue : Steakhouse Hilton Kuching

Dress code : Smart casual

Cost : RM300 per pax   (inclusive of wines)

Hilton Kuching is the main sponsor for this charity dinner: Provider of Steakhouse as venue, mobilize all kitchen staff, Steakhouse service crew and usage of kitchen only for this event. Wines are donated by AsiaEuro and Wine Connoisseur Sdn Bhd. Majority of the ingredients and condiments are donated by sponsors.

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