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EATOUT with Sponsors of our Culinary Heritage

Sarawak has long been a melting pot of cultures, but in culinary terms, that pot has recently been stirred by a reawakening in the F&B business. Fresh flavours are being imported, old traditions revived, and new combinations tested to create a new culinary landscape for Kuching. We are a hybrid nation, happy to appropriate from around us and welcoming to any new faces who long to make Sarawak their home, whether that has been a Rajah, a tea grower or a spice trader, and this has long affected our food. Perhaps it is this very array of choice that has made food a national obsession, from the Nyonya blending of flavours to Dayak jungle fare. Somehow though, we Sarawakians always manage to make it our own. The food heritage of our past still stands strong, from hawker scene to high-end hotel, but new faces are bringing it forward into the future. So we at KINO, confirmed foodies all (isn’t everyone in Kuching?), are paying tribute to some of the bright new stars as well as the firm favourites in our Sarawak skies.

ZINC Restaurant & Bar

38 Tabuan road. ground floor

011-3690 6675

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ zincKuching

Zinc’s motto should be that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.  If you want to renovate a dilapidated old shophouse, then strip it back and rebuild brick by brick, bring in enormous belian beams and decorate with elegant simplicity.  If you want to serve mediterranean food, then source it from the source, bringing in the best air-dried ham from spain, the choicest cheeses from france and a Chef from Cata- lunya! If you, as the owner, are worried about your standards of service, then show them how it should be done yourself. add in some entertain- ment and the result is likely to be perfection! (Tues-sun/5pm-1am)


Pincho Loco

94 Ewe Hai street, Kuching

011-3690 6675

https://www.facebook.com/Pincho- lOCO-346123835736791/

Pincho Loco is newly opened, bringing a taste of sunny spain to sar- awak. Tapas is that famous spanish tradition where drinkers gather to- gether to sample an array of snacks over, of course, a lively round of con- versation – a perfect fit for sarawak culture. Now, thanks to a Chef direct from Catalunya, you can try these treasures on our very own Carpenter street where the classic white-tiled kopitiam becomes the moorish-in- spired tapas joint. from the zinc stable, expect the same quality, just in a different style. Tapas is all about sharing, so get down with your crowd and share some of the best spain has to offer right here in a sarawak street! (Daily: 5pm-1am)


Wei Thian

lot 923, siburan Town District, Siburan

082-862 966

www.facebook.com/pages/wei- Thian-restaurant/188383027874788

From the Lok Thian family of restaurants, Wei Thian is set to burst onto the banqueting scene, heralded by sarawak’s latest star chef. Kong Chi Kee has been a regular on astro’s Hua Hee star Chef competition, bringing the third runner up prize back to our own sunny sarawak. Whether you are from the siburan area or visiting the local attractions, drop in for his mango duck or crispy bitter gourd – even the kids love that! But banquets are their specialty, so for a wedding or any celebration prepared by a celebrity chef with a spectacular view of the mountains, Wei Thian is really the only stop in Sarawak! (Daily: lunch 11am-2pm, dinner 6pm-10pm)

China House

Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg Old Courthouse


www.facebook.com/ chinahousek

China house is continuously expanding its repertoire and the latest greatest opening is BTB (Bon Ton Bistro), bringing the best of the Penang model to Kuching, including its chef! The Old Courthouse, al- ready a unique balance of Brooke rajahs and local skills, styles and craftsmen, now plays host to this asian-fusion fine dining restaurant where old and new meet East and West in a bright blend of colour and aroma. This is the place to dine in stately splendor where Western rack of lamb is given that distinctive asian twist with our homegrown exotic spice blends – a true taste of our legendary sarawak harmony. (Daily: 6pm-11pm)



Ground floor, lot 53, section 50, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching

016-877 7659

https://www.facebook.com/ entangen.ruai

Padungan, famously Chinese, is now home to a new restaurant which aims to give you the original, tribal Dayak experience in all its aspects: food, culture, hospitality, history and ambience. Bamboo features large in the Pansuh and even for your tea or coffee at the end of your meal! for the more adventurous among you, try the Kasam, the fermented pork, chicken or fish famous in Dayak fare. This is pure tradition brought to you by a next generation of restaurateur, serving up amongst the staples some modern twists, including even spaghetti with tapioca leaves – old favourites for a new future! (Daily except Tuesday/11am-3pm)


Razzmatazz Bistro & Pub

Jalan Canna (behind GIANT Stutong) ground floor

016-889 0600

www.facebook.com/ razzmatazz-Bistro-Pub-lounge

Christmas is coming and bringing with it an endless round of cooking. But the chef at razzmatazz has got that covered with sarawak’s favourite word – tapau! The concept remains clear – no fusion, only 100% authentic Western and, for Christmas, who could ask for more than a huge roast, ready to eat, followed up by a slice of stollen or a nibble on a genuine german Christmas cookie! Of course, the restaurant is still running – drop in for a pre-Christmas taste from their copious specials and perhaps pick up a truffle for a sweet treat. Naughty and nice! (Daily: 4pm-12pm)


GWC Restaurant & Bar

Lot 2722, Block 10, Lorong Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 6

082-413 551

www.facebook.com/gWC- restaurant-Bar-1120252694659892/

Cambodia is one of our closest neighbours and now they are even clos- er with a new restaurant in the recently renovated space at 3rd mile fea- turing Cambodian cuisine prepared by genuine Cambodians. Whether you want the world-renowned paper-wrapped spring rolls, fresh and healthy, or a Cambodian curry – the choice is yours. The cocktails alone are worth the trip – get down there for a Wednesday night mojito! With charming Cambodian hospitality on the side, be sure to make this a stop on your sarawak world tour. (Daily: 7am-12am)

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