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EATOUT with Sponsors of our Culinary Heritage

Sarawak has long been a melting pot of cultures, but in culinary terms, that pot has recently been stirred by a reawakening in the F&B business. Fresh flavours are being imported, old traditions revived, and new combinations tested to create a new culinary landscape for Kuching. We are a hybrid nation, happy to appropriate from around us and welcoming to any new faces who long to make Sarawak their home, whether that has been a Rajah, a tea grower or a spice trader, and this has long affected our food. Perhaps it is this very array of choice that has made food a national obsession, from the Nyonya blending of flavours to Dayak jungle fare. Somehow though, we Sarawakians always manage to make it our own. The food heritage of our past still stands strong, from hawker scene to high-end hotel, but new faces are bringing it forward into the future. So we at KINO, confirmed foodies all (isn’t everyone in Kuching?), are paying tribute to some of the bright new stars as well as the firm favourites in our Sarawak skies.

ZINC Restaurant & Bar

38 Tabuan road. ground floor

011-3690 6675

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ zincKuching

Zinc’s motto should be that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.  If you want to renovate a dilapidated old shophouse, then strip it back and rebuild brick by brick, bring in enormous belian beams and decorate with elegant simplicity.  If you want to serve mediterranean food, then source it from the source, bringing in the best air-dried ham from spain, the choicest cheeses from france and a Chef from Cata- lunya! If you, as the owner, are worried about your standards of service, then show them how it should be done yourself. add in some entertain- ment and the result is likely to be perfection! (Tues-sun/5pm-1am)


MAGENTA Restaurant

At the square Tower/Waterfront Jalan Tun abang haji Openg

012-877 3500

https://www.facebook.com/magenta- restaurant-at-The-square-Tower

Fine dining in a heritage property on the banks of the sarawak river – what more could one want?  magenta is in its third heritage home, now at the square Tower and yet the food manages to remain the star. a wide-ranging Western menu of delicate soups, meaty mains – the slow roasted lamb shank falls off the bone – down to a series of perfectly sweetened sweets draws in diners, daters, drinkers and dignitaries from Kuching and beyond. from its pared down presentation to its perfect position, this restaurant has both class and pedigree, Sarawak style! (Tues-sun/5pm-12pm)


“Chess Board  Duck” a heritage dish  brought back on the dining table


ICOm square, Jalan Pending Tower B, BT 136, 1st floor

082-262 800

www.facebook.com/ Themandarinrestaurant

The décor is contemporary design; the setting is modern convenience; the food is pure Chinese tradition. from banquet hall to private room, the mandarin is marrying the old world with a new future as it revives a series of classic dishes found nowhere else in town.  Chessboard Duck is back on the menu where succulent roast duck crisscrosses mushrooms and julienned vegetables for a feast fit for the eyes as well as the taste buds – order in advance as it takes time and skill to prepare! Whether you are hosting a huge wedding or a discreet gathering, the mandarin can cater for all your tastes. (Daily 11am – 10pm)

Fresh flavours imported and  old traditions revived, Kuching sets its culinary table for locals and visitors alike

China House

Jalan Tun abang haji Openg Old Courthouse


www.facebook.com/ chinahousek

The Old Courthouse is brought back to life as China house brings in a cafe, restaurant, live music, shops, art galleries and events, to the beauti- fully restored Waterfront Precinct.  Built by sir Charles Brooke, the rajah of sarawak, the Courthouse is once again open to all, from 9am to mid- night.  Please come in and add your thoughts, doodles or just enjoy the buildings over cake and coffee at Kopi C, the cafe. BTB the restaurant is open in the evenings from 6pm.  Events are our speciality, and we have many venues for everything from simple teas to lavish wedding dinners. (Open Daily)


GE Sausages

Jalan Tabuan Tranquility/2nd floor (behind maybank)

019-818 5990

https://www.facebook.com/ gesausages

Efficiency and engineering, standards and sausages – all hallmarks of great german culture and all available here in Kuching. These sausag- es are a pure sarawak-german hybrid, just like the couple that makes them. 100% meat and preservative-free, freshness and hygiene are key. so, following a german uncle’s recipe, these sausages come from local farm to final product in just a day through a factory which is a sight to behold, gleaming clean to ensure a top-rate result. Even the customer gets vetted so their reputation is assured right to your plate! Efficiency, engineering and standards in sausages indeed! (Daily: 9am – 3pm)


Razzmatazz Bistro Pub Lounge

Jalan Canna (behind gIaNT stutong) ground floor

016-889 0600

www.facebook.com/ razzmatazz-Bistro-Pub-lounge

The chef at Razzmatazz is clear on his concept – no fusion, only 100% authentic Western. swiss-born and trained, george germann is bring- ing his skills to the task, offering the full range of innovation in ‘West- ern’ cuisine – the ultimate European tour.  The specials board is the key, with new dishes supplementing an already substantial menu so there is always something new to try.  however, his special skill is as a multi- ple  award-winning  pastry  chef  so  save  room  for  something  sweet, from delicate parfait to fruity sorbet. This swiss man is even making his  own  chocolate,  with  handmade  truffles  on  offer,  midnight  black and full-flavoured with an exploding Bailey’s centre. Not to be missed! (Daily: 4pm – 12pm)

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