Part 1: An Archeological Perspective

THE SARAWAK RIVER HAS PLAYED a central role in the history of Sarawak (whose name is derived from the river), and its capital, Kuching. One of the most well-known events in the history of the state occurred on the banks of the Sarawak River – the arrival of James Brooke,

Journey to the Far West

FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, the Sarawak Malay people of Telok Melano have relied on the sea for their connection with the rest of Sarawak. There was no road link to/from the rest of Sarawak, and the only transport to the area was by boat from Sematan.

Three Traditional Snacks

LOVE AS THE SAYING GOES, is like a box of chocolates. Wrapped delicately by the hands of finesse, crafted perfectly for one to devour. Each carefully crafted piece melts in the mouth and is devoured as the romance unfolds.

Food, Fun and Laughter on a Heritage Street

IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TO THE SARAWAK CULINARY ADVENTURE hosted by the Sarawak Culinary Heritage Committee in conjunction with the Rainforest Fringe Festival event on the 6-8th July at India Street Pedestrian Mall, you’re missing out on life!

The Borneon Banded Langur

FEW SARAWAKIANS MIGHT REALIZE THAT ONE OF THE RAREST MONKEYS IN THE WORLD can be found just a few hours drive from Kuching. This is the Bornean Banded Langur (Presbytis chrysomelas), sometimes referred to as the Sarawak Langur, and it is undoubtedly among Borneo’s most endangered mammals.

Megaliths of the Kelabit Highlands

IN THE MIRI DIVISION OF SARAWAK, in the Kelabit Highlands, hundreds of stone carvings and built structures dot the jungle landscape. Nearly always covered in green moss, and surrounded by shrubs, rotting branches and dead leaves, they seem a part of the ‘natural’ jungle.

A World of Intrique

THE DIFFERENT CHARMS AND AMULETS – generically named jimat, ajimat, zimat in Malay-Indonesian language – made by the Dayak and Melanau (A-Liko) peoples in Borneo, including East Malaysia (Sarawak, Sabah), Brunei and Kalimantan (Indonesia), have remained little known until now.


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