30th January !


08.00 – 08.45Check in – registration

08.45 – 09.00 Welcome/Race briefing

09.00Race flag-off

11.00Race  ends  (participants  must return  by  11am  to  qualify  for lucky draw)

11.00 onwards – closing & prize giving

12.00 Lunch & wrapping up

NOTE: This race is not about the fastest, but the  ones  who  complete  the  challenges, answers the questions correctly, gets all the stamps and finishes within the two hours – you will qualify for a lucky draw to win the first, second and third prizes. www.kuchingheritage.com

THE HISTORY Of KuCHING is a web of individual stories woven together over centuries to make a town.  We have  traded  here, worshipped here, lived here,loved here and lost  here,  building monuments  to  that passage of time in  every  street,  house, building or garden. This tapestry of  our  lives  can become  so familiar, so much of a part of us, that we come to ignore it as we go  about  our  daily  lives.  But, Kuching is staging its inaugural heritage race at the end of this month,  pairing  a  thoroughly modern, fast-paced, competitive race with a stroll down memory lane.

The concept of the heritage race was first debuted in Singapore in 2014  and  2015  and has  since migrated to Bangkok for the first race there in November 2015. The travel-industry led  event  is conceived  to  bring Kuching’s heritage  to  life,  using  the unique sites in this city – commemorating the  lives  of  indigenous peoples, White Rajahs, early missionaries, Chinese  traders,  the  Japanese Occupation, right up to the birth of a new nation – as a backdrop to a fun  series  of  challenges. Participants will follow the clues to 16  different locations  where  they will compete tasks that will open them up to some of the cultures and traditions unique to Kuching.

They  may  be  asked  to  play  the headhunter on the hunt, dance to a traditional tune or even carry on a trade in time-honoured fashion.

The  race  is  open  to  anyone,  in teams of between 2 and 6 people, whether motivated by the history or the future possibility of a cash prize! All participants will receive a goody  bag,  hand  crafted  by members  of  one charitable organization,  Heart Treasures. Beyond this, the proceeds from the race itself will go towards a building a tomorrow for some of the more disadvantaged Kuching residents. All funds raised during the event will  go  towards  a  local  charity, Meeting  Needs,  which  aims  to provide support for families with special needs children.

All participants will receive a goody bag, hand crafted by members of one charitable organization, Heart Treasures. Designs representour multicultural motifs and patterns.

So, the race is a chance to get out of the house and stretch your legs, expand  your mind  and  broaden your horizons!  It should be a fun day out for all ages and hopefully everyone will get to shake hands with some aspect of the city for the first time.

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